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As the clinical need for precision medicine increases, its application across CVD, Alzheimer’s and other major healthcare burdens becomes evident. The application of the precision medicine paradigm is now being heralded as the ticket to improving their complex therapeutic landscapes.

The inaugural Biomarkers & Diagnostics for Complex & Rare Diseases Summit will focus on discovery, translational, clinical and commercial barriers to advancing the application of biomarker-driven and Dx-enabled therapeutics in a range of complex and rare diseases.

Key topics of discussion include…

  • Accurate biomarker identification for patient selection and stratification
  • Addressing the unmet clinical need of clinicians and patients
  • Establishing effective reimbursement and market access strategies
  • Exploring diagnostics and technologies for these more focused markets
  • Navigating regulatory pathways and requirements for treatments and tests

Built for discovery, translational, biomarker and diagnostic leaders throughout the industry, the meeting will advance biomarker development and translational approaches and pave the path for the successful development of Dx-enabled precision medicines in complex and rare disease areas.