Globally it’s estimated 1 in 7 people suffer from migraines. It is one of the most disabling, misunderstood and underfunded diseases that costs the U.S. approximately $22 billion annually in direct and indirect costs to the economy.

The inaugural World Migraine Forum is the industry’s first dedicated discussion and networking forum focused on bringing together migraine thought-leaders to share the latest scientific progress and to address the current challenges drug developers are facing.

With the recent scientific breakthroughs and excitement surrounding CGRP antibodies and approvals, this is an exciting time for migraine drug development. As the race for the next approval is on, join over 60 of your peers at this intimate discussion led forum to establish new relationships and accelerate your migraine drug development.

Download the full event guide here

Developed with experts from Teva, Allergan, Eli Lilly and other leading organisations, this industry focused forum allows you to explore novel targets and mechanisms of action, share lesson learned in mitigating the placebo response and the pathophysiology of migraine and what this means for the future of migraine drug development to name a few.

Leave WMF with a deeper understanding of the current migraine landscape and where key industry stakeholders are directing their next steps for migraine drug development.

Download the full event guide here to view the complete agenda and companies speaking.

“I was impressed by many of the speakers and learnt a significant amount, which I was able to bring back to our discovery team.” Stephen Krause, Senior Principal Scientist, Eisai

“Excellent networking and learning opportunity for pharma scientists.” Matthew Kennedy, Director, Merck

“The quality of talks was high and the discussion very interesting.” Claudio Babiloni, Associate Professor, University of Rome