Why Choose Us?

16+ Leaders in the Digitisation of Global Trade Finance

X corporates in speaker faculty

5+ Hours of Networking

70% of series attendees are implementers

Blockchain: Real-World Application meetings work because adoption of disruptive technologies is accelerated when key stakeholders can meet in a neutral platform designed for open, honest and constructive debate.

You’ll hear from actual business leaders who are actively implementing DLTs in their products, with no vendor sales pitches. Network with senior leaders and implementers, and learn how to leverage interoperability to deliver end-to-end digitisation of the trade value chain. We cut through the hype and deliver real-world insights to implement in your trade finance solutions.

Who attends

70% of attendees are active implementers of blockchain technology

Our events attract senior-level attendees – 30% C-Level, 65% Director/VP/Global Head

Our events attract business audiences looking to use blockchain as a strategic lever – 80% business side, 20% tech/digital/data