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Analytical Development Success

Our purpose

Our mission is to help Searchlight members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with the most engaged stakeholders in key scientific communities. 



Searchlight gives life science leaders clarify to see where opportunity lies. Helping companies to move forward faster is at the heart of the network. 

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We are the custodians of the Cell Therapy Analytical Development: Searchlight communities on behalf of our members; engaged in the constant pursuit of added value. 

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The quality of information is the difference between success and failure. Searchlight is the destination to find the latest information, trends and solutions impacting the cell therapy analytical development industry. 

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Building strong relationships creates an environment of trust and support that yields opportunity, progress, partnership and meaning. 

Don't just take our word for it...

“This is a fantastic idea…the network has the potential to allow us to align on practices or guidance that we can not only take back to our own organizations but make visible to the wider community.”


"By bringing together key players to share knowledge and experiences in one platform, we can bridge the gaps we have right now in cell therapy analytical development.

Working together with other companies in the cell therapy space to come up with a common analytical approach or standards is hugely valuable and I’d expect to accelerate my own projects through this network.

Meet our team

Gareth Pearce

Managing Director

Gareth established and is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the Searchlight business within Hanson Wade, ensuring continues to add demonstrable value to every member as it scales. Gareth has successfully built and grown information businesses in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East during a 20 year entrepreneurial career. He holds a first class degree in Politics and earned a postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice from the Mountbatten Institute in New York.

Searchlight team headshots (3)

Michelle Fanus-St Hill

Senior Marketing Executive

Michelle develops and manages Searchlight within Hanson Wade and has a conference research and production career spanning 20+ years – designing and delivering events all over the world. She was a business owner and entrepreneur for 10 years, becoming a published and contributing author during that time and lecturing more than 300 students on Event Management degrees and several of her own private courses.


Amy Bamford

Portfolio Development Manager

Amy is responsible for creating innovative year-round Searchlight networks for the most engaged stakeholders in key life sciences communities. Prior to joining Hanson Wade, Amy worked in academic publishing for six years, focusing on the expansion and revenue-generation of digital hubs devoted to specialised fields of science like regenerative medicine, bioanalysis, and oncology. She graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Biological Sciences.

Jack headshot

Jack Hayes

Community Development Manager

Jack is responsible for leading the Accelerated ADC Discovery, Cell Therapy Analytical Development and RAS Targeted Therapies Searchlight Networks. Facilitating the acceleration of shared R&D challenges in these ever-growing fields are a key goal of his. He focuses lots of time passionately engaging with highly invested drug developers at a variety of companies to help them reach their goals more efficiently through delivering bespoke, group and community level value. Previously Jack worked closely with researchers in environmental sciences as a free lancer and loves engaging with scientists searching for faster pathways to bring them closer to their ambitions. Jack graduated with a Masters in Biodiversity, a degree in Marine Biology and has always expressed a love for science.

Karina headshot

Karina Bikerniece

Senior Marketing Executive

Biography coming soon...

Caylee headshot

Caylee Donaldson

Head of Marketing

Caylee joined Hanson Wade in 2022 to lead the new divisions marketing team responsible for Searchlight by Hanson Wade, Hanson Wade Intelligence, and free-to-attend events. Caylee is passionate about responsible marketing and creating strategic tactical plans designed to deliver real value to our communities, customers, and clients. Caylee graduated from the Institute of Data and Marketing with a level 7 post graduate diploma in data driven marketing.

George head shot

George Nelson

Marketing Assistant

George graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2023 with an MA in Creative Writing, following an undergraduate degree in English Literature. She is excited to develop her strategic and analytical abilities as she assists in marketing the Searchlight networks. She practices taekwondo and enjoys reading about natural history in her free time.

Ian headshot

Ian Appleby

Divisional Head of Searchlight Sales

Ian is a sales professional who has many years of experience delivering sales excellence training to teams in many varied sectors. This translates demonstrably into value for clients. He has a passion for sales methodologies which put the client at the centre of what we do. The companies he has worked for include Informa, EMAP, The Middle East Economic Digest and The Economist. He has travelled extensively with his work taking him across North Africa, the Gulf States and the Levant. He has launched, transitioned and re-designed many subscriptions business to bring them in line with the digital age.

Maia headshot

Maia Sethi

Subscription Sales Manager

Maia is a life science enthusiast with a degree in Biological Sciences, specializing in Molecular Biology. After working as a Delegate Sales Executive for 7 months on CTxAD and LEAP HR, Maia found her calling working with drug developers in the ADC, Ras, TPD, and mRNA fields, taking the leap into Hanson Wade's Searchlight to collaborate with highly invested companies and drive positive change in the industry. With her passion and drive, Maia is excited to build innovative networks for the industry's top professionals. In her free time, Maia loves netball and nature walks and is fascinated by astrology. She is also big fan of networking and is always open to connecting with new people and exploring new opportunities to collaborate. So, if you're interested in finding the right network for yourself, or just want to chat about astrology, don't hesitate to connect with Maia on LinkedIn. She would love to hear from you!